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The West Suburban Retired Group is collecting travel size/hotel toiletries for children in local homeless shelters.

So many of us travel and bring home the free toiletries, which we tend to throw into a drawer and forget. How many of us bring home the free items from the dentist’s office and really use all of them?

We’ve heard from children in local homeless shelters how much they appreciate having these small items for their own use. Many of these children are students in our schools. Will you help us collect these items to share with local children?

The basket labeled for these donations is on a shelf in the lobby of the Naperville Office. We’ll empty it periodically for drop off at local homeless shelters.

Thank you for your help!

The members of West Suburban Retired

If you have questions, please contact Tim Brinker, President WSR.

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Repeal the 3% Cap 

Leaders, Members and staff of IEA have been working closely with members of the legislature to repeal the recently-enacted 3 percent salary limit law that shifts the state’s cost of paying for an educator’s pensionable earnings to local school districts, institutions of higher education and local property taxpayers. There are two bills already drafted HB 350 and SB 60 and have been assigned to legislative committees.

Click here to sign the online petition.

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SCARCE - School & Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education

SCARCE is dedicated to creating sustainable communities.
We accomplish this through innovative and hands-on education programs for schools and organizations,
demonstrating care for our natural resources.

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